Product Care

Washing, Drying and Caring for Our Attire

Washing & Drying

Wash in warm or cold water, tumble dry in low heat or hang dry. Use a mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach, alternative bleach, whiteners, fabric sofeners, dyes, etc. They could cause staining, streaking or premature fading. Tops with bling should be turned inside out, hand washed in cold or warm water and hand dried for best results.

Caring For Nylon

Our nylon has a polyurethane coating on one side creating a light weight, very comfortable materual that repels hair & fluids, dries quickly and is tear resistant. It is NOT waterproof or tear proof, therefore care should be taken when washing and working with animals. Always cut hanging threads. Do not pull. For best results when altering or repairing use a professional experienced with sewing nylon.


Our regular shoes are professional grade and slip resistant, they repel fluid and are designed for comfort during long periods of standing. They are NOT waterproof, scuff proof or designed for outdoor, yard, field, barn, garden work, etc

The Perfect Attire for Pet Care Professionals